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Doesn’t it sound familiar? Nathan Green?  … Well, you might’ve actually heard the name before, because he already grabbed over a 100.000 views on YouTube, and shared the stage with names like Typhoon and KennyB.


Nathan currently lives in the dutch city Groningen, where he’s creating songs out of thin air in his bedroom (home music studio might be a better word). New 2017 singles and eventually an EP are coming very soon, as it has been quite some time Nathan released his Debut EP ‘Imperfect’ in 2015.


Live on stage is where Nathan takes you on a journey with his looppedal. There you can really witness his musicallity, as he plays all the instruments himself. Music in it’s purest form.


Not only solo is Nathan doing great, he recently started writing and doing shows with dutch rapper Haas as singer and keyboard player. Their single Sterren currently has almost 400.000 plays on Spotify.


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